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    Good Morning Techie Ki!Soschodl does not start here for another hour, but I wanted to thank you for all the wonderful comments you left on our blog. The students will be very excited to read them when they get to school.We have added your blog to our blogroll and the students will go and visit it this morning.I hope you are have a fantastic day!Mrs. W

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    gabriela23 de abril de 2010eu namorava um menino da minha idade 15 anos so q apareceu outra pessoa na minha vida e ele fez um inferno pra mim termina com meu namo..terminei dai namorei ele por 6 meses nos utimos meses nos brigava muito dai ele termino comigo pelo msn..fikei supr mal..hj depois de 3 meses ele qre minha amizade mais ainda gosto dele ,so q naum sei se ainda gosto do outro tbm ..pq hj eu vi ele com outra menina fikei mal..oq façoo??

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    à veerle, zonder veel woorden zie je meer klaar in mijn situatie dan anderen, doet me deugd zo begrepen te worden, het gevecht is idd loodzwaar. ik probeer binnenkort eens op tegenbezoek te komen, al veel te lang geleden!

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    My camera is never on automatic /:) I took some pics of the sky and forgot to change the settings, that’s why it’s darker@ Béranger: that’s the sweetest disease ever ;))@ antmihai: well, not that long. 12km from Baia Mare to Baia Sprie and from one end of Bucharest to the other 🙂

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    BE CAUTIOUS .. RN students have to have rotation clinical hours.. If they say u don’t, don’t trust them..they are lieing to u.. It’s hard to do rotations ONLINE.. There are several programs where u can go from an associates to bachelors or bachelors to but BE CAREFUL


      28 novembre 2012Désolé Lucie tu n’as aucune chance de remporter un bijou. Tu comprends, t’as déjà gagné un Travalo alors. Mais t’as raison d’espérer c’est pas interdit. C’est beau même. Mais non en fait le problème c’est qu’il faut laisser ton commentaire dans l’article « Concours Bijoux Favordeal » pour « encore » espérer gagner. Bonne chance


    ‘ఆరోà°—్à°¯ాà°¨ిà°•ి à°…à°°à°µై రహస్à°¯ాà°²ు ‘ à°šెà°ª్à°¤ుà°¨్à°¨ాà°°à°¨ి à°¤ెà°²ిà°¸ి à°ªొà°¦్à°¦ుà°¨్à°¨ే à°Ÿిà°µి à°ªెà°Ÿ్à°Ÿాà°¨ు.à°† à°•ాà°°్యక్à°°à°®ం 7-30 à°¨ుంà°¡ి 8 వరకూ! 7-30 à°•ి à°ªెà°Ÿ్à°Ÿిà°¨ా, 7-46 à°•ి à°ªెà°Ÿ్à°Ÿిà°¨ా, 7-59 à°•ి à°ªెà°Ÿ్à°Ÿిà°¨ా…ఆయన à°’à°•à°Ÿే à°šెà°ªుà°¤ుà°¨్à°¨ాà°°ు…à°¦ోà°¸ిà°²ి à°šూà°ªిà°¸్à°¤ూ,”ఇన్à°¨ి à°¬ొà°ª్à°ªాà°¯ి à°®ుà°•్à°•à°²ు, ఇన్à°¨ి à°®ొలకెà°¤్à°¤ిà°¨ à°ªెసలు..” à°²ేà°¦ంà°Ÿే, ‘ఆపకుంà°¡ా 3 à°²ీà°Ÿà°°్à°² à°¨ీà°³్à°³ు à°¤ాà°—ాà°²ి “


    The honest NY Judge: where is he or she? The barrel has been totally infected with rot. Why not allow judges to give the decision to the highest bidder and make the system open? Shakespeare had it figured out over 400 years ago. Corruption is infectious and almost all have received. Abandon all hope ye who enter herein, the honest Judge is a delusion by your attorney to make you give up your money.

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    kettle/3b – interesting take on the imaginary 50k housing tax credit. I see the opposite – sellers will put their house on the market slightly above what they were asking before, but remember – this 50k tax credit will only be a limited time offer, like one after 6 months of lowball after lowball, these people who CAN’T AFFORD the house they are in, and just had the worst xmas ever because of the albatross around their neck, will concede. just my guess (then again, im a buyer! Ha!)

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    Fafa · Bravo bravo pour le Noeuf et biensûr La poule responsable de sa couvée !! Ce Noeuf me semble très bien parti. Merci d’avoir évoqué ma participation à ton initiation au portage, tu as l’air d’être une vraie pro maintenant… Alors continues sur ta lancée et ….roule ma poule ! bisous de Fafa

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    Ignatieff has done the math. He needs to shed the lefties, pretending to be liberals, and move the party to the middle, where most Canadians reside. To do this he had to cut loose of layton and Duceppe.

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    He was just after better care for all the illegals and people who never work… at the expense of those of us who do work.. Does not matter to him if lower/middle income working people and most seniors still cannot afford care. HUGE money grab!

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    superdestroyer However, Senator Obama is not really a uniter. He should have dominated when he became the apparent winner. Yet, he has decided that giving special interest groups in the Democratic party is more important than being a uniter. As the first black presidential candidate, he should have come out against quotas and AA. He did the opposite and proposed a massive increase in the program. Definitely not a uniting idea when over 60% of Americans oppose AA to begin with.


    سلاماین زمانهایی که اینجا گفتید (حداقل ۷ و ۱۲ ) حداقل زمانی است که نامه دعوت به مصاحبه را دریافت می کنیم یا زمان تقریبی مصاحبه ؟

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    Pues mis propositos , primero es hacer ejercicio, no tanto para bajar de peso si no para tener condicion fisica, quiero participar en mas retos tanto latinos como extranjeros, y quiero aprender mejor el ingles, gracias chicas por un grandioso blog, me facinan todos sus retos!!!Su amiga Ross

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    A belated reply. I took a section of the walkway from my driveway and primed it white, then used a darker concrete stain. After that I sealed it. I was quite pleased with the result, but am not sure if I should repeat the same process with the big driveway, or just leave it be after pressure washing with a sealant only. What do you think? Thanks in advance.


    Kiitos hyvästä kirjoituksesta!Samalla tavalla kuin luomua, dissataan myös ilmastonlämpenemistä. Se on vaan näiden viherhippien keksintöä koko juttu.Hanna-Maija: Tottakai luomu maksaa enemmän, koska sitä ei pystytä tuottamaan yhtä hillittömiä määriä kuin tehotuotettuja tuotteitta. Itse myöskin pienituloisena ostan kuitenkin mielummin puhdasta ruokaa, kuin mauttomia myrkkyjä.

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    What a abundant threaded discussion! I frequently stroke vastly by yourself in my choice not to vaccinate. I not here my “I am warm with non-immunized patients” pediatrician after being told that people like me are the reason that whooping cough stagnant exists.

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    Ich weiß ja nicht, was an denen so verkehrt ist. Ich mag die. Allerdings sind die kleinen, flutschigen Scheißerchen hinterlistig. Jedes Mal tut mir nach der 3. der Daumen weh. Aber wenn sie die so völlig unprofi-mäßig und aus ihrer natürlichen Umgebung gerissen, knipsen, sehen die schon irgendwie… Na, Sie wissen schon eeeeeeeeekelig aus. Kann aber auch an der Frucht liegen. Profi-Obst verhält sich vor einer Kamera sicher anders…   0 likes

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    Анонимный мыслитель / Ужас он разве битардам и люмпенам вселяет. Я ни разу не видел его акции против чеха или дага, потому что его в капусту порубят. Он просто путинкская шлюха.


    Meran: lehet ilyen “jelnyelv” képzettséged.Csepmen: fuvolát is használhatsz bátran, de akkor nincs közben danolászás.Vakond: az MT a mérvadó, csak a szöveg értelmezésében van eltérés.Hagar: érdemes egyben csapatosan, én is jobban értem, hogyha a közleményben csapat szerepel.

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    We were having a “low” day with the campaign’s unceasing rhetoric and becoming more impatient with the final days. Yes, we are anxious-anxious for those who might not be provided for, nor share in the bounty, our less than fortunate, but in listening to the sermon, we feel hope is not lost because there is goodness and love in the world. Thanks Jeremy for providing this ministry.

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    If Bush wants to play Wilson, then he shouldn’t have sent troops to Iraq OR Afghanistan. Wilson would not approve.Wilson wouldn’t approve? Howcome, spreading “democracy” into ridiculous places and and fighting completely abstract enemies like “Islamofascists” is the essence of Wilsonianism, updated to the 21st Century.The US should have stayed out of the war in 1917. The world would now be a much better place.

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    I have been going and eating Jimmy’s BBQ since i met him in February, he was just starting his truck & was on the corner of 115th & division s.e. and too he told me then i am not a chef i am a meat cutter, his Brisket if mmm good, sounds like he is doing good at his new location go Roadrunner

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    Thank you for sharing your story. I wish the best for your family! My son is 11 and has had seizures since he was 3. All different kinds, daily, despite 4 meds, 3 times a day. Lets hope that the future holds great things!


    Isso também aconteceu comigo! O telefone caiu do meu bolso no chão e a tela está toda trincada, não parecendo que caiu do meu bolso e sim do décimo andar de um edificio.Pelo que me informaram na Claro a autorizada no Brasil é a Itautec que cobrou meros R$ 952,00 para o conserto, mas estou procurando soluções mais baratas também.


    Well, Tim, frankly the point is easy to miss in these videos. I think the situations were just poorly chosen and tend to obfuscate the point, especially when the situations visibly tend to contradict your most important principles for staying alive. There are plenty of youtubes where the situation is much clearer and allows one to make the point to students that the first one to strike and injure tends to win, that a first injury can give you the edge materially and psychologically in a multiple attack, etc.


    Mayor failure is corrupt, crooked and sleazy. Most of his staff (including attorneys) have all left because they knew what was coming. His administration has always been on a slippery slope. His staff, like he, is unqualified, inexperienced and then when they figured out what mini mayor was really about they would flee. The truth will come out. Even the LA Times is on to him. The honeymoon is over for the worst mayor in history.


    Kirjoja ostan harvoin ja harkiten. Kuvat koukuttaa, mutta ostopäätös syntyy sisällysluetteloa selaamalla (ruokarajoitteisen on turha ostaa kirjaa, jonka aihe on herkkua hirvestä jne…). Kirjan sisällön pitää olla sellaista, etä se tuo mun keittiöön jotain uutta ja jotain vanhaa uudella tavalla. En myöskään pidä näpertelystä, enkä halua viettää kaupassa aikaa resptin kanssa, joka koostuu paljon yli kymmenestä aineksesta/mausteesta. Menee kikkailun puolelle. Tykkään aika puhtaista mauista, joten siksikään pitkä lista erilaisia aineksia ei viehätä.

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    Things haven’t really changed. In the 60′s I found myself in the middle of a news story in Miami, no, I wasn’t the bad guy, but I did have to laugh when I read it at how inaccurate it was. I think we now have informational overload, so. at least these papers are not contributing to it.


    dacă-Å£i aminteÅŸti, acum cîţiva ani, veneau în fiecare lună să citească contorul ÅŸi să aducă factura. Eh, serviciul ăsta a fost externalizat ÅŸi trebuie ÅŸi oamenii ăia să justifice plimbările cumva 🙂 Altfel, teoretic, ar trebui ca, odată la o anumită perioadă, să treacă cineva să verifice dacă ai dat cifrele corecte.

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    im sorry but the minute someone (muslim or not) comes to my door and tells me what I can and cant do (in religion or anything) he will be very very sorry. I done push my views on to them so why should they to us?

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    je suis nulle en picto patato (même si je trouve le principe trop chouette) mais je voulais juste approuver le choix d’Agricola ! c’est pas si dur que ça en fait, et les stratégies « j’ai plus de moutons que toi », « oui mais t’as plus de blé pour faire ton pain » sont très sympa à mettre en place


    Muy buen post. No se aprenden en la escuela de forma explícita. Trabajo como pedagogo en una y doy fe. Tengo 38 años y en algunas de esas competencias todavía tengo mucho que aprender. Lo hago de manera autodidacta y dando palos de ciego. Deberían estar en el currículum de secundaria o de bachillerato. De momento me lo imprimo y lo presento al departamento de orientación con tu permiso.Felicidades por el post.

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    61. (kswagger). The date of the article was 8/3, two days before ShanWow re-signed. I think Dixon may have been one of many SG replacements the Lakers were in contact with.Also, what is the biggest $$$ making phrase this summer? Not the “Decision,” but rather “I have been in contact with Lakers representatives.” That phrase is akin to the Lakers’ imprimatur that the player is worthwhile to be sought after by a two-time champ. Dixon/Blake backcourt would be interesting, but only if they were back in Maryland, and in the early 2000s.

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    Schönes Video, wie immer Würde mich genau wie alle Anderen über die Tastatur freuen. Einen Versuch ist es ja wert Grüße,Kai

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    “Advertisers steal work from struggling artists.” So what? Nothing’s original. “Advertisers take advantage of free work placements.” Yeah, life’s tough. Grow up.”Advertisers foster aggressive, every-man-for-himself cultures in their agencies.” Yeah, well, if you can’t stand the heat…”Advertising awards don’t have the most rigorous standards and sometimes agencies play the system.” Yes! Absolute outrage! Something must be done!

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    Fakirma!A legjobbkor írsz erről, alaposan áttanulmányozhattam a kérdést idegörlő kórházi tartózkodásunk alatt. Nem hittem volna, hogy a hőmérséklet figyelő is meglesz, csak az összecsukhatós kád maradt ki.Mindenesetre én nettó néggyel is a befejezés mellett vagyok, az utóbbi idők izgalmai erre ráerősítettek. Bár aki nagyon fogadkozik, az a végén úgyis a szülőszobán köt ki :)Réka

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    Não. GTO errou.As cores dos esmaltes podem sim tem o nome de 'padronização' por exemplo.Não esperava muito de homens.A questão é que os nome de cores de esmaltes não são CORES exatamente, são substantivos que instiguem a outras coisas (7 vermelhos capitais, por exemplo) e se quiserem que eu enumere aqui várias cores assim pode ser feito.Mas eu acho que ninguém vai ler isso porque hoje já é segunda ¬¬

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    Fun interview! I wish you’d included pictures of your house cause I wanted to see your prize Victorian possessions. How cool! A blogging friend of mine won a costume contest this year dressed as a Steampunk Cowboy. It was ridiculously splendid! By the by, Vicky, this week at my blog I’m doing an interview with a local indie band about what they’re doing to drive results similar to what writers do to boost publishing. Check it out if you have time! You could win a free cd – and I know you like music!

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    thanx for the complement, comment and drawing to my attention that I am #1 for that phrase.. Didn’t even know that…I will email you with questions and thanx for the advise on the credit sponsors…that was coming…just didn’t have time yet..

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    ho trovato quei dati già pronti, ma in effetti la tua obiezione è valida: però credo che il file di installazione sia molto più compatto del programma vero e proprio, inclusivo di tutte le componenti aggiuntive di sistema che vanno a scriversi nelle varie library.E, ad ogni modo, 358 o 1388 è sempre una cifra assurda… ;D

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    Tienen odio por que nos tienen miedo. Por que tu con tu cámara ( o con un libro, o una flor) tenemos más fuerza que ellos con sus porras.Nosotros pensamos y eso les pone nerviosos.Gracias por tu trabajo amigo.

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    Alors que je n’ai même pas encore quitté l’Italie, ton récit me rend tellement nostalgique… Je ferai des lasagnes quand je serai trop triste, je suis sûre que ça aidera!

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    Lanier – thank you! Feel free to make my day any day you please! If ever a perfume (not having tried any of the JAR line) glittered, surely it’s 1932? Can’t wait to read your impressions!

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    JohannI am Mr. Mild compared to so many other writers or politicians so no worries..lah. Furthermore, I am non political and doesn’t take sides. Just not interested at all. Occasionally frustrated at the wastage of tax payer’s money. cheers TTH

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    I hear my mom singing How much is that doggy in the window – with my voice superimposing Dead guy over the doggy! And my kids singing California Dreamin’ at their last school concert!

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    Blueberry and lemon are always a hit, I’d definitely explore that avenue. Or, I know this is more savory, but I love the combination of blueberry preserves and brie. TO DIE FOR!

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    you just need to check the events diary in the members area, this lists all the days im meeting member and then call me on the member number on the day to arrange a meetRach xx

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    Het is zo waar dat het welhaast crimineel mag worden genoemd dat de meeste gewichtsconsulentes nog steeds de verkeerde behandeling starten. Nog steeds een taboe op vet, maar eet wel zo veel mogelijk brood en drink light frisdranken. Ik weet nu uit ervaring wel beter en ben zo blij dat ik de cirkel van trillen en weer snoepen heb doorbroken. De 25 kilo er af was nog het minste voordeel. De energie in lijf en hoofd maken mijn leven zoveel prettiger!


    North Korea interprets all crime as crimes against the state: pickpocketing is seen as a denigration of fellow workers, and thus a crime against Kim Jeong Il.So, while Amnesty claims 200,000 political prisoners in Gulags, a more accurate claim would be just that there are 200,000 enslaved prisoners.Enslaved? Yes. North Korea does not have money to put into its prisons, and so they must be self-supporting. More likely, the prisons turn a profit, and so the government is motivated to expand them. That’s slavery.


    Há pessoas que não conseguem esconder as suas preferências,por muito que as neguem as criticas maiores são sempre aos mesmos.Antes os Russos que os Duques e Freitas!Essa é que essa!Mas a memória é muito curta… Dia 26 Dias Ferreira vai vencer,acho que depois dessa vitória deveria convidar o Abrante Mendes a fazer parte da estrtura.

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    hmmm… guys the bottom line is that we were poor. Massive games coming up for next 3 weeks. Aston Villa next weekend remember we drew that one last year. ManU and Liverpool are having easier weekends. If chelsea dont improve massively I dont think we would remain on the top for long.Reply

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    Boyd, I enjoyed hearing your personal experiences on how you became a minimalist and how that has played out in your life. I am downsizing myself and intending to move to a smaller space as well, and have donated many things that were taking up too much space. Some sentimental objects were tough to get rid of, but I do enjoy the fact I have more open space in my home for as long as I am still here. Thanks for the essay.

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    Kittens should not be taken from their mother before 8 weeks. I don’t know how old your kitten is but she is probably scared and lonely. Hold and pet her. She needs comfort and attention. Your cat will outgrow this behavior, but at this young age she needs you. Let her sleep in the same room as you or in your bed This will help the kitten to calm down. Was this answer helpful?

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    Bueeeno, que sí, que ya sé que nació en Ciudad Real, pero él se considera cordobés y ya sabemos que uno no elige donde nace pero sí donde pace. Ya lo dice el refrán, “uno no es de donde nace sino de donde buena sombra le cobija” (o algo así, ¿no?)

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    I should have written “NW of Greece”. “NE of Greece”: in Bulgaria: 17%, mostly south of the Jirecek line with plentiful colonies on both the Aegean and Black Sea coast in close proximity. Only 8% in Romania, north of the J.L. 9% in Ukraine with many Greek settlements, only 2-4% in Russia.

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    There is a prayer ritual that I have seen a few seconds of on TV. It is incredibly beautiful and graceful. The Muslim woman carries it out in stages. Please explain step by step and the meaning. Thank you.

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    Mais justement j’écris ici car mes posts ne passent pas chez 2 villepin où depuis août je vis en indésirable malgré cinq ands de loyaux services journaliers au service de Fred , une censure aussi pure et dure que totalement imméritée ,pire que le mur de Berlin ! Autrement bien entendu je n’aurais pas écrit ici et vous prie de bien vouloir m’en excuser et merci pour votre souci de la démocratie ! Tous avec DDV , c’est celà seulement qui doit compter !

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    grim,If you ever do another “price reduced” run, I could give you several houses in Iselin that have been in the MLS for a while with substantial reductions. Started above 400 – maybe 420 to 440 – now down to low 300′s, high 200′s. It would take someone with access to the Middlesex MLS to confirm what I remember of their original asking prices since these have been floating around for a while.I also know of one newly built house. I’m pretty sure the OLP was $649,000. It’s now $595,555.

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    , I have not read any of the authors you list. I’ve gone looking for my a/a in science fiction romance, because I like a little romance mixed into my action/adventure. I used to read more mystery, wandered through historical, but I’m really loving science fiction romance. It has the elements of high adventure without the…violence? And like I said, I like a little romance.


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    I’ve only watched (lots of) youtube clips of this show.What I love about this family is what I DON’T see in them – there is some kind of cruel hearted nastiness interpersonally, so common on television, especially reality tv, and in so many people everywhere, that I just haven’t seen in this family.The oldest daughter with the new baby – I think I have read elsewhere that she had not even been living with the family at all for the past few years until they started with this show?


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    Ha! I have debated much about doing a post about it, because I’ve gotten so much heat about not using NFP. I knew I had to be reading that in because I know you, and know that you aren’t like that. I do know we are in the minority (makes me sad!) and I would like to get some education out there. From being told we were less educated to we were probably going to get a divorce, we have heard a lot.

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    Anonymous, I see your point. I was thinking maybe I would just register at one place for nice china and silver. I’m not very matchy matchy though so maybe I would pick out different complimentary patterns for each size plate. Come to think of it, I could maybe use a KitchenAid Mixer. Oh, who knows what I’ll do when the time comes!

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    A hasty correction. I wrote earlier that you, Dymphna, should “disengage from the mudslinging and psychobabble”, inadvertantly implying I thought you were engaged in same. That is not what I meant. I should have written either “detach yourself from the mudslinging” or “disengage from the conflict”. Your response to this whole mess has been reasoned and dignified, though I doubt those yo-yos can make any use of either reason or dignity. My apologies for any confusion and again, my thanks for the great work you do.

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    Sheesh, if you've written it, why not post it all! 🙂 FWIW, I agree Jung is relevant. Looking forward to the rest of the series. It's hard to comment with only the tip of the iceberg showing…(oops wrong movie)….but it seems to me that the moral logic is exactly the same. Nature good, technology bad, violent opposition justified.Not convinced of this. For instance, is the film really anti-tech? Tech enables Jake's avatar experience (and ours)? But I've only seen the film once ….and liked it.


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    Dear Mr. Wright: Another interesting essay. I do have one caveat, though. Neither Marcus Aurelius or Confucius were atheists. They too reverenced and worshiped the gods/God. I could easily quote from the MEDITATIONS or ANALECTS of these great men to justify my claim. So I don’t think atheism per se is the fundamental defect of Stoicism/Confucianism. I would say, rather, that at their best, these philosophies can be a start to opening the minds and hearts of some to the Judaeo Christian revelation and to faith in Our Lord Jesus Christ. Sincerely, Sean M. Brooks


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